Become a Sea Turtle Guardian

Adopt Today

Adoptive sea turtle parent(s) to be! You are looking at an image of a "false crawl" by a female loggerhead.

Whether you have seen Loggerhead turtle hatchlings run from their nest to the ocean, you can be as close to a turtle as possible through adoption! The SC Aquarium appreciates your help keeping the residents healthy enough to be released back to the sea. Adopt an Animal is a symbolic gift where animals will receive needed vitamins, food and expert hospital care in order to flourish and be released back into their environment. 

With a $50 and above Gift, the SC Aquarium will send an Adoptive Parent a digital toolkit, an exclusive behind-the-scenes video about your animal, a social media graphic and a Facebook profile banner. You can share these with family and friends who will smile while seeing why the 110 million year old Sea Turtle is known as “earth’s ambassador”.