Are Oysters Really Luxurious?

Awesome Gifts for Oyster Lovers

Oysters are considered to be one of the most luxurious kinds of seafood in the world.

If you are an oyster lover or know someone who is, then you are in the right place!

We have fun shirts for the oyster lover in your life. Whether you love to eat them or wear them, a portion of the money earned goes towards helping the endangered Sea Turtle Center at the Aquarium in Charleston, South Carolina. We want you to feel and look good.

Oyster Design

Our oyster design is witty and meaningful. Since people like wearing t-shirts, we try to incorporate the design with this type of clothing. It is really comfortable and you can wear them in a lot of different situations. Additionally, you can spread awareness about our mission while you wear the amazing Oyster Shucker Shirt. You'll surely enjoy it!

Other Signs and their Cause

When you browse our site, you might wonder why our team sells turtle and oyster shirts. Our work began by helping oysters and sea turtles. Why is that? Because Sea turtles are important to the environment. They provide habitat for an array of "aquatic hitchhikers" like crustaceans, algae, barnacles and their long migrations help transport these species, act as an umbrella shelter from fish predators and make themselves "earth's ambassadors" in their travels in both oceans and on land.. And Oysters are crucial to global ocean health by buffering coastlines, providing habitat to Salt Marsh ecosystems and by filtering and cleaning the water while they eat! The environment is important for all of us, and we need to do everything we can to help it recover from pollution, dredging and from other ocean threats.

It's the least thing we can do for the environment. One step at a time. That's the best way to achieve any goals. You can join us too!