Why Is the Ocean Important?

It provides us with oxygen

The ocean is the largest provider of oxygen in the world. It's estimated that the ocean produces about 90% of the oxygen we breathe. How? Through carbon dioxide and heat exchange.

The ocean is important for this reason as well because it ensures the survival of all living things on earth. It produces 50-80% of the world's oxygen, absorbs 30%-40% of all man-made carbon dioxide, and regulates the earth's temperature.

It regulates the weather

The ocean also helps to regulate the weather by absorbing heat and energy from the sun and then releasing it slowly over time. This helps to moderate the earth's temperature, which in turn helps to regulate the weather. The ocean also plays a role in creating and controlling storms. This is known as ocean currents. A good example of this can be found in the Gulf Stream, which travels up from the Caribbean to the North Atlantic Ocean where it warms the atmosphere and influences weather patterns on land.

It is a great source of food

The ocean provides us with an abundance of food. A source of seafood, it is very healthy, delicious and nutritious. Sustainability is important, so ask the source of the fish you buy. A source of plant life, it is a good source of fiber and nutrients. Yet, the ocean remains largely misunderstood and under-appreciated.

It creates millions of stable jobs

The ocean creates jobs. For example, the fishing industry employs millions of people globally. The tourism industry also relies heavily on the ocean, as people love to visit and explore the vast and beautiful oceans. Many careers are related to the ocean, such as marine biology, oceanography, and coastal engineering. So next time you go to the beach or look upon your beautiful oceanside view, remind yourself how this scenic beauty gives a sense of purpose for many people.

Take a Look at It One by One

There are many things in the ocean that play an important part in keeping our planet healthy. All of the objects and creatures you see on the ocean, no matter how small or big, have their own purpose of existence which is to keep the balance of our beloved planet.

We need marine animals more than we could imagine. It is important to value, care and love them all the time and not only during Earth Day. If we do not continue to spread awareness, people will never learn and grow with an urgency to protect the ocean. Subsequently, every business and country will become a burden to our planet.