Our Impact

Our impact is on supporting ocean life, protecting our coastline and volunteering to ensure healthy marine life and ecosystems. Our guarantee is that we donate a minimum of 10% of net profits to Sea Turtle Rescue-Rehabilitate-Release at the Charleston SC Aquarium.  

What began as my love of the Ocean as a child, continued with my family's move to Charleston in 2015. Many thanks to SCORE (Oyster Reef Restoration and Enhancement); SC SEA GRANT CONSORTIUM (Salt Marsh Restoration); SCDNR (my Island Turtle Patrol Team on Sullivan's Island & IOP) and to friends who have supported me in following this dream. 

SCORE is a community-based habitat restoration and monitoring program of the South Carolina Dept., of Natural Resources. Choose shell recycling, shell bagging, shell transport, shell building of an oyster reef and more  http://score.dnr.sc.gov

Volunteering with Island Turtle Team protecting Sea Turtle nests@Sullivans Island

Oyster Reef Build, a Community Volunteer program protecting shorelines and its ecosystem. Volunteers passed planks to not sink into the pluff mud!

Successful Oyster Reef Build. 20 SCORE DNR Volunteers in 5 hours passed 230 bags@40lbs each of cleaned oyster shells. Another protected shoreline. 

Salt Marsh Restoration with Charleston Sea Grant Consortium:
Phase 1of 4: Each fall, volunteers gather dormant Spartina Grass seeds to grow over the winter into mature blades of grass. When planted in June, each will help to restore barren areas in targeted salt marshes.                          

Salt Marsh Ecosystem Restoration Phase 2-  
baby seeds are then placed in water to germinate over the winter. Feb-May, volunteers plant each seedling into a small pot. In 2021, 50000 grass blades of 4" grew at SC DNR and College of Charleston.

Salt Marsh Ecosystem Restoration Phase 3-
 Planting Event At 4" height in June, we plant each grass blade in a troubled Salt Marsh. This damage resulted from human coastal building, sea level rise and/or other activities. Salt Marshes  needing to be restored are identified by SCDNR and SC Sea Grant Consortium.

Salt Marsh Ecosystem Restoration Phase 4-  Monitoring Event Volunteers return to planted areas from July-Sept, to monitor and measure the success of the new Spartina planted.
@ Folly Beach

For More Volunteer opportunities in SC go to volunteer match.org

Another way to Volunteer! Contact SC Aquarium's Littersweep monthly program. 50 volunteers with @shopthelowcountry and @sustainability Institute

shopthlowcountry.com highlights the beauty and the challenges facing SC Coastal ecosystems, our oceans & ocean life.