Our Story is Our Impact

Shopthelowcounttry.com focus is to create a quality product for our customers and inspire awareness of marine life and volunteering in their communities.

True to our mission, we donate 10% of our profits to the Sea Turtle Hospital at the Aquarium in Charleston, SC.

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We donate to Sea Turtle Center Charleston SC, Aquarium

Another way you can Volunteer?

Contact SC Aquarium's Littersweep monthly program.

50 volunteers with @shopthelowcountry and @sustainability have come together to highlight the beauty and challenges facing SC Coastal ecosystems, our oceans and ocean life. 

For more SC Volunteer opportunities go to volunteermatch.org

Volunteer Today

Why are Oysters Important to our Waters?

* More than food or pearls, oysters act as a filtration system. They make our coastal waters more clean and healthy, which is good for our coastline

*They create habitats for other marine life

* The more oysters are grown and recycled, the more volunteers are needed to help clean and bag shells to build reefs

* Oysters contribute to overall growth of living organisms in coastal waters

* Thriving marine ecosystems make for healthy and beautiful oceans. This affects water quality and the entire food chain

Salt Marsh Restoration

You can volunteer for quarterly salt marsh restoration to help restore barren areas and the ecosystem, in targeted salt marshes. In 2021, 50000 grass blades of 4" were grown from seed:

* Fall- gather dormant spartina grass seeds to grow winter/ spring into mature blades of grass.

* WInter - place baby seeds into water troughs to germinate over the winter.

* Spring - volunteers plant each seedling into small soil pots.

* Summer, early - at 4" height, each grass blade is planted in a troubled Salt Marsh. This damage resulted from human coastal building, sea level rise and/or other activities.

* Summer, late - Volunteers return to planted areas from to monitor, measure the success of the new Spartina planted.

Contact SC DNR or Charleston Sea Grant Consortium to volunteer

Oyster Reef Build

A community-based habitat restoration and monitoring program of the South Carolina Dept., of Natural Resources. Choose shell recycling, shell bagging, shell transport, shell building of an oyster reef and more  

Oyster Reef Build success: in 5 hours, 20 SCORE DNR Volunteers passed 230 bags at 40lbs each of cleaned oyster shells. Another protected shoreline. 


Island Turtle Team & Score

Up at sunrise to volunteer with the Island Turtle Team protecting Sea Turtle nests at Sullivans Island and Isle of Palms, Charleston, SC